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Case study: Exara improves lifecycle value of industrial equipment

When Exara was creating solution to help its client Petroflow remotely monitor assets, the original gateways it chose couldn’t stand up to the rigorous industrial requirements. After several firmware revisions, Exara decided to drop its ODM solution and switch to Dell for an OEM solution – the Dell Edge Gateway 5100. The new gateway stood up to the harsh environment of the oil field and enabled the aggregation of hundreds of sensors at high polling rates. Further, they can store at least five years of data.

Almost immediately, Exara and Pertoflow were able to reduce the power consumption of the horizontal pumps and lifts on the disposal site alone by 43 percent, saving Petroflow nearly $60,000 per year. They’ve also seen a decrease in unscheduled maintenance calls and an improvement in the longevity of equipment. The solution has been so successful that Exara is now looking at using their model for other oil and gas clients.

See how Exara is working with Dell to meet the needs of large oil and gas clients with their repeatable model for IIoT.