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Perform your analytics at the edge

Everybody is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), and there’s a large group that also discussing the Industrial IoT, aka the IIoT. The topic that there’s not enough discussion around os the analytics associated with the IoT. Most of the products I’m seeing are great at collecting data, in most cases, huge amounts of data.

In the IIoT world, that data amasses very quickly. Put a bunch of sensors onto a piece of industrial equipment, and you’ll see the data bucket fill up very quickly. The connection point between this huge amount of data and the need to take an action is obviously the analytics involved. But if you could do some level of analytics at the edge, rather than in the cloud, you can reap substantial benefits.

Dell has issued a whitepaper on this topic, Analytics at the Edge for Real-Time Production Processes. It’s clearly worth a read if you’re involved in the design of anything related to the IIoT.