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Inspired IoT innovation using Dell technology

This blog was penned by a member of our staff after attending Dell’s Connect What Matters dinner. At this dinner, awards were handed out to winners of the contest.

I am no engineer and don’t pretend to be. Five years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of sitting around a bunch of engineers talking about their applications and solutions and understanding them. But thanks to that sexy IoT acronym, I can.

IoT is more than just an acronym. It’s a complete game changer. It’s grown arms and legs. It’s in our homes and out on the streets and is changing the world.

Take V5 Systems, for example. This company is making the world safer with its multi-sensor acoustic devices aimed at security applications. For the Connect What Matters competition, it developed a system that can detect gunshots and chemical threats.

A company called We Monitor Concrete developed—what else—smart concrete. It came up with a way to make concrete talk to us and tell us when it’s cracked and needs maintenance.Using various IoT hardware, the company collects information from various data points to bring full traceability to every cubic meter of concrete that’s produced.

Are you interested in human temperature profiling? That’s what ELM Fieldsight and its partner DynOptix have developed to ensure that people with compromised immune systems aren’t endangered by visitors who may have elevated temperatures.

Finally, my personal favorite was n.io, a company that created an agricultural application that can request the optimum water supply for vineyards in Arizona. If you live in Arizona like I do, you’ll really understand the need for this.

A key to all of these designs IoT is that they were all entries in Dell’s Connect What Matters challenge. Hence, they all leverage Dell’s IoT Gateway technology. And kudos to Dell for inspiring such innovation.